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Cherry Liqueur

250 ml wooden cap bottle
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Cherry Liqueur ancient Greek amphora style bootle with glass stopper. Beautiful old-fashioned bottles, traditional recipes from village and city homes, unique tastes. These are the characteristics of Greece’s unusual liqueurs. They are products that have stood the test of time, that have evolved out of the local flora, that are infused with authenticity. In Greece’s liqueurs, the country’s gardens, orchards and groves is in every glass.


Many of these elixirs, now commercially produced, were once the exclusive province of the home cook. Many Greeks have fond memories of their mothers, grandmothers and aunts setting out tall stout bottles of brandy or tsipouro to which they had added apricot kernels, cherries and other seasonal fruits and sugar. The bottles spent a biblical 40 days in the sun, just enough time for the fruits to infuse the alcohol with flavor.
Getting a mouthful of alcoholsoaked cherries was a special treat. Country and urban cooks alike still make these drinks, but there is also an industry of artisanal liqueur producers who have helped develop both traditional and new beverages. Many of these drinks are tied to specific places.
The area in Greece with the longest tradition in producing cherry liqueurs is Pelion, specifically Zagora.
Cherry liqueur (kerasi) in general tends to be redolent of cinnamon and cloves but also extremely fruity and pleasantly bitter thanks to the lively flavor imparted by the pips.
Try any of Greece’s cherry liqueurs on ice with a soda spritzer.

 NOTE: NOT traded in the U.S.A. due to restriction by legislation.

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